Wireline Next Generation Access (NGA) Network Technologies supporting future requirements of fixed and mobile users

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Save the date! - Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

On Wednesday, October 9, 2013 (9:00 to 15:00) an International Workshop on the topic of " Wireline Next Generation Access (NGA) Network Technologies supporting future requirements of fixed and mobile users" will be held in the premises of OTE Academy (www.oteacademy.gr) (map details).

The workshop is organized under the auspices of the European research project COCONUT (http://www.ict-coconut.eu/) and the Greek National Research Project PANDA in cooperation with FITCE. The objective of these research projects (which include as partners leading companies and universities / research centers such as: BT , Ericsson, OTE, Intracom, UPC, SSSA, AIT, Promax, Optronics Technologies, InAccess, NTUA, CTI, AUTH) is to develop new technologies for wireline access networks (FTTx - Fiber to the home / building / cabinet / antenna) that will serve the need for improved access speed and quality of service/end user experience, while simplifying the operation of the network and providing lower operating costs.

The aim of the workshop is to disseminate research results to the executives of the telecommunications market in Greece, the related government agencies and members of the academic community. The Workshop discussions are expected to encourage cooperation between the participants.

The Workshop program , which will run from 9:00 until 15:00, includes presentations by prominent invited scientists from abroad ( Prof. J. Prat - UPC, Prof. E. Ciarramela - SSSA, Dr  P. Urban - Ericsson AB), as well as by executives of companies operating in Greece (e.g. OTE , COSMOTE, Optronics Technologies, etc.) that have experience in developing relevant infrastructure by using novel technologies. A reception will held at the end of the workshop where the attendees will be able to discuss with the speakers and will have the opportunity to see related products and technologies that will be exhibited at the workshop site.

Coconut Workshop Talk over Presentation pdf logo


08 .45 – 09.15 Welcome & Registration

09.15 - 09.30 G. Papastergiou (OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES), Event Presentation pdf logo


PART I (Session Chair: Ilias Koukouvinos. OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES)

09.30 – 09.55 Dr. I. Tomkos (ΑΙΤ), "Converged network infrastructures in support of advanced fixed and mobile services" pdf logo

09.55 – 10.20 Dr. Josep Prat (UPC), "Research progress on FTTH technologies and architectures” pdf logo

10.20 – 10.45 Dr. Ernesto Ciaramella (Scuola Superiore SantʼAnna), "Ultra-dense WDM-PONs for FTTH and FTTSite" pdf logo

10.45 – 11.10 Dr. P. Urban – Ericsson AB, "Fiber Backhaul for Small Cells" pdf logo

11.10 – 11.35 Dr. D. Polydorou (COSMOTE), "Architectures and technologies for fiber to the Base-station site" pdf logo


11.35 – 12.00 COFFEE BREAK


PART II (Session Chair: George Heliotis, OTE)

12.00 – 12.25 Dr. Τ. Doukoglou (ΟΤΕ), "VDSL Vectoring for boosting OTE's NGA network performance" pdf logo

12.25 – 12.50 Dr. K. Giannopoulos (ITYE), "PANDA: asymmetric passive optical network for xDSL and FTTH access" pdf logo

12.50 – 13.15 Dr. G. Lymperopoulos (COSMOTE), "Converged Networks Enabling Resource Optimization and Flexible Service Provisioning" pdf logo

13.15 - 13.40 Dr. G. Kalfas (AUTH), "The activities of WiSe-PON project" pdf logo

13.40 - 14.05 I. Koukouvinos (OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES), "The experience of pilot FTTH deployment in Greece" pdf logo




"Workshop organizing committee": George Papastergiou (OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES), Ioannis Tomkos (AIT), George Agapiou (OTE & FITCE).


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