5th COCONUT Workshop on Broadband Access

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Cartagena, Spain, June 23-27, 2013

Scope: Next-generation Fiber-to-the-Home systems are to evolve towards the Horizon 2020 goals, and serve the homes with bidirectional 1 Gbit/s with high quality of service. This poses high challenges in the design of the network and the related subsystems; up to now there is no a winner technology that can fulfill the requirements and the cost limitations, although the intensive use of the optical spectrum seems to be a must.
The scope of this workshop relates to the techniques that can assure that the optical channel available is used advantageously, without limitations in terms of bidirectional capacity, length, user density, quality of service, etc, towards what is being defined as the Next-Generation PON (NGPON2, NGPON3). New modulation formats, appropriate use of the WDM domain (ultra-dense-WDM), all-optical amplification and routing, dynamic optical bandwidth allocation algorithms and convergence are some of the techniques that are explored to build over the currently deployed optical infrastructure. At the same time, deployment will be only possible in the current times if new strategies for cost sharing and energy consumption reduction are applied.
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